May 25, 2024

The stairs are clear and the skateboarder lines up the jump. Moving towards the railing, the skateboarding lifts off the ground and the board does not come with them. Instead, the skateboarder, now in the air, collides with the railing and falls forward, tumbling down the stairs until they reach the bottom.

Skateboarding can sometimes lead to painful falls, as well as painful injuries. In a recent study from Australia, researchers analyzed skateboarding injuries over a 10-year period that required a trip to the emergency department. The researchers reported that upper body injuries made up most of the skateboarding injuries seen at emergency departments, though ankle injuries and concussions were also notable skateboarding injuries to the other parts of the body. The nature of skateboarding injuries means that gearing up, such as wearing a helmet, is important so those painful falls don’t turn into a visit to the emergency department.

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