Running injuries and risk factors


June 3, 2024

The runner turns the corner and sees the finish line. Their body aches from the past few miles as they stare straight ahead. The finish line gets closer with each stride, until the runner’s body breaks through the finish line and tears it apart. But there is no finish line. The runner is alone, trying to catch their breath, before the real race begins.

Running is a sport where people can compete for fun and for physical tests. However, the demanding nature of running can also lead to injuries. In a recent study, researchers from Brazil looked at the risk factors that could lead a runner to sustain an injury. The researchers found certain that factors, such as how much you train per week or whether you had a previous running injury, affects your risk of getting injured while running. Managing these factors, when possible, is likely key then if you want to make it to the next finish line.

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